Let’s enjoy the panorama view of central Tokyo from the skyscraper.

Overlooking Tokyo from the upper floors

The theme this time is to view central Tokyo from the upper floors.

The view of the skyscraper is fascinating day and night. This time, let’s go up to the upper floors and enjoy the panorama of Tokyo.

As for skyscrapers, there are many recommendations in Tokyo. Here we will focus on Roppongi Hills, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree Town.

I hope these places will be on the list the next time you travel to Tokyo

View Shinjuku area from a skyscraper

Overlooking the city center from Roppongi Hills

A 54-story high rise building “Roppongi Hills” is one of the landmarks in city center of Tokyo. The Mori Art Museum is located on the top floors of this remarkable building. The museum has held high quality exhibitions and also known as “the highest museum in Japan.” Benefit of visiting there is that you can reach the rooftop with the museum ticket. It’s very cold and windy in winter so it’s best to go there on summer nights.

You can see Tokyo Tower below. Enjoy the panoramic view from the rooftop of Roppongi Hills!

Let’s look down on Tokyo from above the clouds!


The photo above is the scenery of part of central Tokyo from Roppongi Hills.
From the top of the building, the city below can be seen through the clouds. If you are lucky, you can look
 at the city from the same position as the clouds!

It’s sunny or cloudy. Every time, the expression of the city changes and it is very interesting.

View from Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo. The view from here is also wonderful. The location is good because it is surrounded by a big city. Go up to the observatory and enjoy the view of central Tokyo at night.

Night view from Tokyo Tower where you can feel the big city of Tokyo

View of Shinjuku from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has a prominent presence among the skyscrapers in Shinjuku. You can go to the observatory for free and see the magnificent view of the city center.

From the observation room of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

View the city center from Tokyo Skytree Town

The Tokyo Sky Tree is a good subject in itself, but the purpose of this time is to look at central Tokyo from the upper floors, so if you go to Tokyo Skytree, it’s good to eat at restaurants on the upper floors. You can enjoy the view from the upper floors as eating good food!

View the city center from the Sky Tree Town building

Photo and Writing by Hasegawa, Koichi


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